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        As one of America's favorite hardware brands, BEST? has represented tough, versatile, high-quality locks for more than 90 years. BEST high-quality access solutions feature interchangeable cores and masterkey systems. Known for its American craftsmanship and proven performance, BEST solutions and components form the pinnacle of today's?toughest mechanical security solutions. Our unparalleled quality and engineering make us a top choice of distributors and customers worldwide.?

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        Keying Systems

        BEST-designed key systems—including our CORMAX? premier patented key system—are backed by a proprietary design application that makes them more secure and reliable. When keys are lost, the BEST interchangeable core makes it possible to change lock combinations with minimal effort and cost.

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        Mechanical Locks

        BEST products like the 9K Series cylindrical locks and the 40H Series mortise locks provide the toughest mechanical security in a wide variety of applications. Additional features such as the intruder function and the visual indicators ensure fast lockdown and classroom safety.

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        Electronic Access Control

        Our IDH MAX? offers convenience and efficiency for electrified lock applications. With IDH MAX, all of the formerly separate equipment needed to control access is self-contained in a single installation. Additionally, our standalone G Series locking systems integrate with virtually any existing database, providing advanced capabilities in storing and retrieving access activity data.

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        America depends on BEST

        BEST products represent the top security products in the United States and have been a standard in the government markets for more than 75 years. Whether you need our trademark small format interchangeable core locks and masterkey infrastructure or a cutting-edge, full-facility electronic access control system, we have solutions that are applicable in a wide range of applications and security requirements.

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        DID YOU KNOW

        Frank Best came up with the idea for a small format interchangeable core because, as a high school teacher, he carried a key ring with 100 keys on it—one key for every door. He was convinced there had to be a better way, and experimented for seven years until he found it.

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